Sanda Ionescu has over 25 years work experience in nine countries and in areas as diverse as higher education, research, publishing, management consultancy, European public bodies and UK local government.  She has worked in an advisory and coaching capacity with blue-chips such as Nokia, UBS, Nestlé, SABMiller, L’Oréal, Rio Tinto, Philips and Shell, with particular emphasis on facilitating leadership development workshops.  She has been working both as an independent consultant and as an executive coach and trainer since 2009.

Sanda’s area of expertise focuses mostly around global leadership development, for all levels of managers, from first-time managers to senior executives and board members; speaking and presenting at international HR conferences and in the boardrooms of blue-chip organizations world-wide, researching, writing papers and hosting teleconferences on topics such as change management, creativity and innovation, developing global leaders and managing virtual teams worldwide.

Recent projects include: 

  • Managing European Projects- mid to senior-level managers in the private sector, including Johnson & Johnson and Japan Tobacco
  • Country Briefings for Expats: Living and Working in … mid-level managers, specializing in Japan, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Austria, France, Germany and UK
  • International Negotiations – directors of SMEs
  • Strategic Change Management – mid to senior-level management, for supermarket clients such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Safeway
  • Presentation Skills– all levels, all sectors
  • Working in Virtual Global Teams -  all managerial levels, private sector
  • Leadership Competencies and Performance Management – all managerial levels, up to board level
  • Managers as Coaches – mid to senior-level managers

With a M.Phil. in Social Anthropology (Cambridge), Ph.D. Organisational Anthropology (King’s College London), CIPD qualifications specializing in Learning and Development, Life and Executive Coaching Diploma accredited with the European Coaching Institute. SHL Pyschometric Testing, Sanda brings deep expertise to all her global leadership development work. Sanda delivers her work in English, Romanian, German, French and has additional conversational Japanese, Italian and Greek language capabilities.