Dr. Paulette Gabriel is an expert in executive, team and organizational leadership and development with successful executive coaching, executive development and leadership team development practice. She has helped organizations and individuals accelerate their capacity for strategic alignment, development, self renewal and continuous learning. With experience across the board, Paulette’s work has been characterized as helping to solve complex problems while not getting caught up in complex processes. The capability for leaders to develop a performance oriented culture and engage employees in healthy commitment to business goals is a hallmark of her work. Entrepreneurial roots have contributed to Paulette’s practical and value conscious approach to achieving results.  

Innovation and effective problem solving combined with the ability to size up and respond to issues quickly and effectively have been cornerstones for Paulette’s internal and external consulting work. At Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Paulette was recruited to be a change agent and consultant to the headquarters executive team. After success in that role, she was asked to take on a global change initiative—transforming Wyeth from a holding company culture to a health services culture. At Fleet Credit Card Services, as a strategic member of the executive team, she led major change initiatives as the company was bought by Fleet Financial Group and she was able to provide stability and credibility at a very difficult juncture in the organization’s growth. At Manchester, with key responsibilities for business development including the design of organizational and managerial development and change initiatives for key clients, her client relationships were characterized by a great degree of trust and credibility. At Mars, Inc., a strong manufacturing company, as a result of being promoted quickly, Paulette enjoyed staff and line assignments in several of the companies that are a part of the Mars, Inc. umbrella. Because Mars is privately held, the entrepreneurial climate necessitates that HR professionals act decisively as a businessperson first and HR manager second—Paulette established the foundation for business partnering early. While there, Paulette worked in a global climate for a very large company and with a high-powered management team.

Examples of her current accomplishments and outcomes: 

  • Coached 2 senior executives in ways that drove authenticity and commitment resulting in their winning the annual Chairman’s award.
  • Enabled the Executive Leadership Team of a financial services company to focus on their historical pillars of strength while engineering a new future; built the team into a smoothfunctioning, focused and successful team;  revenues have almost doubled.   
  • Created an overall architecture and strategy for leadership development that was adopted as a global strategy for development at all levels.
  • Currently working with an Executive team with offices in the UK, India, France, facilitating global leadership effectiveness.

Paulette’s first book, Collaborative Leadership in Action was published in 2011. Her second book is a work in progress and is based on a four year research study in the field of leadership. The subject—how personal transformative experiences impact a leader’s capability for transforming organizations—speaks to the importance of authenticity and perspective in transformational leaders

Lastly, Paulette is a nationally recognized speaker, heads up various committees for the Forum of Executive Women, has served as board member for the Philadelphia Human Resources Planning Society.