Our Mission: Inspiring personal and collective reinvention in exponential times. 

Our Point of View: In all the work we do, the following beliefs shape our approach:

Space Allows

When we are filled to the brim with the mental clutter of “the way things are”, “this is the way it has always worked in my 27 years in the business”, or “it will never work”, we shut ourselves down to exponential growth. Forget about breakthroughs. We become inflexible, unable to adapt to the changing environment around us. When we pause, take stock, and empty our cups to create space, we invite possibility. Space allows genius to emerge. Space allows new solutions to old problems. Space allows progress to happen. We help you and your business grow by creating space first.

Personal Change Precedes Organizational Change
If leaders seek to play a pivotal role in driving real change within an organization, they must first widen perspective, open up to the deeper, challenging work of personal change themselves, and build a critical mass of followership that embraces new ways of thinking and acting. Our work with organizations facilitates that deeper work. The result is broader organizational transformation.

It’s Not All About Addition
When faced with the pressure of constant turbulence, rapid disruption, complexity and change in the global marketplace, many leaders seek to “add on” new skills, new approaches to the increasing pace and challenges. While buttressing ourselves with new knowledge, skills and awareness will assist us in navigating the constant barrage; it’s no longer enough.  Leaders today need to gain wider perspective, access deeper wisdom, and accelerate advanced meaning-making capacity, all of which involves subtraction andmultiplication, not mere addition. In other words, beyond adding new skills and knowledge, we must let go of outmoded beliefs andembrace principles that will positively magnify the collective ability to create new responses. Our work does just that.

Clarity, Congruence and Courage provide an edge.
When leaders widen perspective, it paradoxically allows clarity of focus. This clarity facilitates heightened congruence of leadership thought and action in response to constant turbulence, and paves the way for leadership courage to emerge. In this way, leaders create a climate of adaptability, resilience and courage. Our work helps move a critical mass of leaders past distraction and denial to achieve new possibilities together.

Our Promise to You: And when you work with us, here’s what we promise you…

Deep Focus, High Collaboration
We get to know you and your business and we work tightly in partnership with you to design and deliver a highly targeted solution that will resonate with your leaders. We customize, tailor and contour approaches to fit you, your business, your leadership, and your culture. When a client says, “You really get it, you really understand us, we see that you care, and we trust you”, it is the highest compliment ever.

You’re busy and yes, you want professional assistance to achieve the next level of excellence.  What you don't need is arrogance. We work hard to earn the right as your thought partner, minus the ego. Every leader we meet is our teacher.

We’re here to deliver value, to help you achieve real, positive change. If we don’t believe we can create a real business impact, and help you shape your culture, we won’t take on the work.