Below is a series focused on navigating through the Era of Disruption and the Dawn of Exponential Times. The aim is to illuminate the opportunities available in this extraordinary era and to clarify the unprecedented transformations needed at the organizational, leadership and individual level in order to meet the challenges at hand and thrive. Papers in this series include:

1. What Got You Here Will Leave You Here — Explore how this Era of Disruption is dramatically different than living in a “VUCA” world – where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity reign. The dawn of exponential times promises to deliver 10x and higher benefit only if we can reinvent our organizations and ourselves for new ways of leading, thinking, and relating. 

2. Strategies for the Disruptive Era and for Exponential Times — It’s already been established that the core strategies and strategic thinking pathways of the last half-century will no longer suffice in the era of disruption and exponential times. It’s also clear that digital native companies leading the disruptive charge operate within radically different strategic guiderails. Digital 2.0 incumbents across nearly all industries will require a mix of the two approaches to navigate the transition from the linear to the exponential era. 

3. The Case for the Humble Incumbent — Many incumbent companies in industries that predate the digital era will fail to make the transition wthrough disruption and into the exponential era, and many factors will contribute to determining that. Our experience is that those that we call “Humble Incumbents”—organizations fundamentally infused with, and built around, humility—will have the strongest base to work from. This paper shares the results of our research with senior leaders of global organizations across several legacy industries that are being confronted with the challenges and opportunities posed by disruption, and reveals key insights and winning practices of those who are mastering the journey. 

4. What is Exponential Leadership? While many organizations have been focusing on developing greater adaptability and agility in leaders in the face of increasing turbulence, our experience is that this approach does not go far enough. Disruption and exponential times are already demanding a more extreme expansion of the way we think and lead, so as companies disrupt and reinvent their business models, so too must leaders reinvent themselves. 

5. How Can We Develop Leaders for Exponential Times? The ways we have developed leaders in the past will no longer be enough to face the unprecedented challenges inherent in this era of disruption. Not only must the leadership skills for this era be reimagined—we must also reinvent how we develop leaders for exponential times. 

6. The Key to Conscious Reinvention for Exponential Times — We are at a stage of human evolution that demands elevated levels of thinking and collective reinvention to thrive in the face of constant disruption. As individual leaders, we must slow down to unearth personal beliefs that hinder rapid transformation and then accelerate new practices to move exponentially forward. This will require identifying key accelerator beliefs and practices that each of us can utilize to advance our thinking and development. 

7. A Disruptor Innovator Profile: How to Spot Disruptors in Your Midst — As legacy firms move through the phases of leveraging disruption for growth, they may find “disruptors in their midst” - employees who are already challenging long-standing assumptions and may be perfectly suited to drive more disruptive innovation.  So, how do you spot these “Disruptor Innovators” in your midst? While there is not one finite profile of such a player, through our research, we have found that certain behaviors and underlying mindsets are good indicators of a predisposition towards disruptive innovation. 

8. Are You Truly Driving an Agenda that is Disruptive? — As we work with executives in legacy organizations trying to leverage disruption for growth, questions that often comes up include: “Am I actually leading from a disruptor innovator perspective?” “How do I really know if I am driving an agenda that is truly disruptive?” This paper identifies several guide rails leaders can use to help them, or others in their organizations, to better gauge if they are thinking from a disruptor perspective or driving a disruptor agenda.

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