Lisa Berry has worked with leaders and organizations in domestic and international markets for over 15 years. She designs customized coaching, consulting, and learning strategies designed to help leaders grow in their effectiveness, impact, and success.  She has lived and worked internationally and brings a multicultural perspective to all her work with leaders and organizations.

Lisa has expertise in leadership development ,coaching and organizational consulting in national and multi-national companies. She has extensive experience in organizational change, engagement, resilience, and leadership effectiveness. Lisa is a successful people leader who strives to build cultures of engagement and high performance. She has worked in leadership and management positions in training and organizational consulting and held a Management/Vice President role in the financial services industry. 

Lisa has worked with clients across a variety of businesses and industries including American Express, Jaguar Land Rover, Wells Fargo & Company’s Community Banking, Home Mortgage, and Corporate Human Resources. Internationally, she has worked with Glaxo, Lotus Cars, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, MCI WorldCom, and Harcourt Publishers.

Lisa has extensive experience designing and delivering organizational training engagements with individuals, leaders, and teams. Lisa directed training services for a London-based Employee Assistance Program, Workplace Options, where she designed and delivered customized training programs and initiatives in Fortune 500 companies across the United Kingdom. 

With expertise in training design and delivery, Lisa has facilitated sessions on a wide range of leadership and organizational topics including resilient leadership, leading through change, new leader integration, and building resilient teams. She has led and collaborated with leaders to design and implement enterprise wide organizational initiatives including navigating change, employee engagement, and leading through change.

Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Health. She is certified in several leadership assessments including the Hogan Assessment Suite and Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). She has experience with multiple leadership models and assessments including Situational Leader, Extraordinary Leader, DiSC Work of Leaders, and Strength Finders.