Dr. Ginny Whitelaw is a Senior Faculty with Inner Power International, and the President of Focus Leadership as well as a master teacher (Roshi) in Rinzai Zen and President of the Institute for Zen Leadership. She is a recognized expert in the mind-body connection in leadership, including how to develop greater energy, agility, and resilience for leading in disruptive times.  

 A physicist and biophysicist by training, she combines a rich scientific background with senior leadership experience at NASA, and more than 20 years developing global leaders. In part through her affiliation with Mercer Leadership Development and Columbia University’s Senior Executive Program, Dr. Whitelaw has worked with leaders in some of the world’s top companies, including Novartis, Dell, JNJ, Sprint, Cemex, EMC, Merck, Marsh, T Rowe Price, Ascension Health, Hospira, ConocoPhillips, and Bank of America. Together with Mark Kiefaber, she developed the FEBI® to measure 4 neural patterns of personality connecting mind-body and behaviors, and trains practitioners worldwide in how to apply FEBI in their work. 

Ginny Whitelaw is the author of 4 books, including The Zen Leader and Move to Greatness (with Betsy Wetzig). Formerly, Deputy Manager for integrating NASA’s International Space Station Program, she led a large-scale change effort to manage the program using cross-functional teams, for which she was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal. She has a B.S. in physics, B.A. in philosophy, Ph.D. in biophysics, as well as a 5th degree black belt in Aikido.