Executive coaching is a highly targeted, individualized professional development process that encourages leaders to look at themselves through a different lens, and take actions to drive higher levels of leadership impact and organizational results.

When you work with an IPI coach for executive coaching, we move through a process of discovery, goal-setting, and strategic action together, leveraging the Clarity Congruence and Courage℠ approach.

Depending on the purpose of the executive coaching, the basic process is as follows:

1)   Data gathering and initial Contracting among relevant parties

  • This is about setting ourselves up for success. What is the need, and how do you and the organization see that executive coaching can help?

  • Your coach will meet with you, your manager, and HR Manager individually to understand the need, and desired results from the coaching process.

2)   Assessment and Feedback

  • Next, we gather and analyze performance data and stakeholder feedback in order to bring perspective, awareness and insights to the engagement.

  • The outcome of the assessment phase is a comprehensive feedback session where we review and interpret the assessment data with you to help you make sense of and assimilate the information.

3)   Planning

  • After gathering all the relevant data and results from the assessment tools, we are ready to design a personalized strength and development action plan. We look for ways to build on your strengths (often overlooked in many coaching approaches), improve areas of development and proactively manage factors that could lead to derailment. Our focus is on 1-2 KEY areas for behavioral change, with specific, measurable outcomes.

  • We outline key outcomes from the coaching process, and review the plan with your manager and/or HR manager.

4)   Strategic Action Coaching

  • Now we help you get into strategic action around the most critical areas of development, building strong momentum.

  • We will also develop an ongoing follow-up process with key stakeholders. On a regular basis, we solicit feedback -- i.e. “Based upon my behavior last month, what ideas do you have for me next month?

5)   Evaluation and Follow-Up

  • As we wrap up the coaching relationship, we evaluate results together, and we follow up with key stakeholders to measure success. A simple 2- 6 item mini-survey with key stakeholders is often helpful.

  • We also schedule one follow-up meeting 6 months after the completion of a coaching relationship, which includes the creation of a “maintenance plan” to help you, your manager and other stakeholders be aware of roles each plays in maintaining the progress made and furthering the success.

Executive Coaching engagements are typically 9-12 months in length. No silver bullets… sustainable behavioral change takes time and we won’t take on an assignment that pushes for deep results in less than 9 months.