Ask us about… How our custom-designed executive leadership program for a maritime industrial organization is serving to shape a culture of experimentation and innovation. Or, how our work with middle managers in a chemical and pharmaceutical organization is driving change and innovation.

Ask us about… How our work with a COO of an oil and gas organization is helping refine executive presence, hone emotional agility, and sharpen influence skills.  Or, how our coaching with a senior executive of a consumer products organization is strengthening communication versatility, relationship-building and amplifying her authentic leadership impact.

Current and past clients include…

Thank you again for a wonderful retreat. It was truly awesome and I feel honored to be a part of it. I learned so much from the materials, the discussions, the experiences and the talk story times. I appreciate also your pushing me to do this. I sorely need to see more perspectives of leadership. Can’t replicate that in my own walls.
— CEO of a major global foundation
Lee Ann has the unique ability to engage groups with diverse levels of interest. *All* feedback and participation was considered and praised. This is not easy to do in a gracious, fluid, and heart-felt demeanor. Additionally, her critical thinking skills allowed her to connect various perspectives and thoughts in a cohesive manner while staying on track and topic. The cherry on the pie was her vivacious and charismatic personality, which delivered knowledge in a fun and interesting manner.
— Middle Management participant at the Hershey Company
Lee Ann is hands down by far the best presenter on these types of sessions I’ve had. Well referenced, preserved self esteem, handled “overparticipators” well, respected those that are quiet contributors, took input and made it larger. Just very well done. I was engaged the whole day.
— Middle Management participant at the Hershey Company