Inner Power International was born from the simple observation that in a more complex, turbulent world where technology and other mega-trends are disrupting markets and our well-trodden pathways to success, leaders can’t keep pushing, driving, and executing without stopping to pause, reflect and let go of what no longer may serve on the road to excellence. 

The brush strokes of our logo are actually the masterful work of a Zen Buddhist monk in Kyoto, Japan, representing the mental state of "MU-shin". This was something Lee Ann Del Carpio discovered in the early 1990’s while living in Japan.

The Japanese word "MU" means "nothingness" if you translate it into English.  But the Western connotation of "nothing" usually means the absence of something or something lacking, something negative

In Japan, "nothingness" is positive and receptive - it means an open space or void in which everything is possible.

"Mu-shin", therefore, literally means "no mind", and is used to describe the mental state into which very highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat. When you are in a state of "mu-shin", you are receptive, open to discovering insights and breakthroughs in the free space. We might call it an extreme state of focus, or “getting into the zone”… that moment when all distractions fall away, and everything seems to flow. 

For us, this concept of "MU-shin" is central to our philosophy and approach to leadership development and organizational transformation. You cannot achieve the next level of excellence if your cup is overflowing with what you already know, what degrees you have, what expertise you possess. To truly achieve higher mastery, you must first pause, reflect, "empty your cup", allow yourself to be a beginner, and become receptive to learning anew.